PARSA Beauty Active Ingredient Brushes

Healthy hair strand by strand - with dual active ingredients.

Just as unique as every woman is, so are the needs of her hair. Women with dry and damaged hair desperately want shine and smoothness, while others with straight and weak hair desire volume and fullness.

Discover PARSA Beauty's breakthrough innovation: the Professional Active Series offers the perfect conditioning brush and the longed-for problem solver for every hair type! Our brushes are made of 100% recycled plastic and feature natural bristles. In combination with our unique Duo Care ingredients, the hair is supplied with valuable active ingredients with every brushing.

Our Double Care technology offers customised care in three different categories:

Hol dir jetzt deine Pflegebürste


Keratin & Biotin for intensive care and radiant shine in a paddle brush with a mixture of plastic pins with natural bristles. Smoother hair texture, improved combability and scalp massage guaranteed.


Lotus & Zinc for visible volume and tangible fullness combined in a round hairdryer brush with specially developed natural bristle pins with optimal air circulation and heat retention.


Carbon & Tourmaline for anti-static control and effortless styling in a paddle brush with rounded plastic pins. Tamed and detangled hair in an instant for long-term smoothness.

Damit setzt PARSA Beauty ein Zeichen für innovative Haarpflege und Nachhaltigkeit! Wir sind stolz darauf, die erste Double Ingredient Technologie-Serie am Markt anzubieten, bei der Rezyklat-Anteil und Recycling-Material in Produkt und Verpackung verwendet werden. Gönne deinem Haar die Pflege, die es verdient und erlebe die Magie der Double Ingredient Technologie!