PARSA Beauty Eco


The products of our Eco-Line are produced with care and responsibility from sustainable and valuable natural materials.

Our Eco hairbrushes are made from fast-growing, FSC®-certified bamboo wood and bamboo viscose. The natural bristles are enriched with nourishing aloe vera to provide your hair with important nutrients and an extra portion of care. Beauty is not only external, but also comes from within - and that starts with the right care. Each brush is unique thanks to its special grain.

You can continue your sustainable care routine with our face and skin cleansing tools made from bamboo viscose. The sustainable bamboo cosmetic brushes help you create a natural make-up look. Bring your sustainable wellness oasis into your home with our sustainable sauna gloves made from hemp fibres or sisal and terrycloth, as well as our exfoliating gloves and bath tuffs made from sustainable fibres.

Take care of yourself in a natural way and contribute to the protection of our environment at the same time.