PARSA Beauty Worldwide

Beauty aids and accessories play a significant role in the world of fashion and beauty. People all over the world use them to enhance their natural beauty, express their personality and highlight their aesthetic preferences. To accommodate this, PARSA Beauty has locations worldwide to give everyone access to wonderful beauty tools.

Location Sinsheim, Germany

- Headquarters with approx. 150 employees

- Warehouse with approx. 170 employees

- 6,750 pallets storage capacity

- 4,500 picking locations

Kirchardt location, Germany

- Warehouse location with 15 employees

- 8,000 pallets storage capacity

Budapest location, Hungary

- Administration and warehouse Eastern Europe with 35 employees

- 1,200 pallets storage capacity

- 3,200 picking locations

Location Adligenswil, Switzerland

- Administration and warehouse Switzerland

- 1,500 pallets storage capacity

- 4,000 picking locations

Other administrative locations

- Prague, Czech Republic

- Zagreb, Croatia

- Bucharest, Romania

- Belgrade, Serbia

PARSA Beauty covers the entire value chain:

- Supply to over 17,000 points of sale worldwide

- Direct supply to over 5,500 points of sale in Germany and Austria

- Direct supply to more than 10,000 stores throughout Europe

- Full-service support for more than 10,000 stores throughout Europe

- Approx. 180,000 store visits per year by own employees