Hinweisgebersystem der PARSA Haar- und Modeartikel GmbH

The issue of compliance is very important to us at PARSA Beauty. We are expressly committed to fair competition and compliance with all applicable national and international laws. It is important to us that PARSA Beauty does not do any business that is in any way influenced or created by illegal practices. In particular, we do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery or price fixing.

A whistleblower system is available to all employees of PARSA Haar- und Modeartikel GmbH to report violations of applicable laws and our code of conduct. All employees of Solida Beauty Concepts GmbH, PARSA Beauty sro (Czech Republic), PARSA Beauty doo (Serbia), PARSA Beauty Trading Kft. (Hungary), PARSA doo (Croatia) and PARSA Beauty SRL (Romania) can use this reporting system. The system is available in German and English. It also allows anonymous, secure reporting of possible violations.

Do you have information about grievances or violations of the law?

If you have any indication that employees of PARSA Haar- und Modeartikel GmbH are not acting in the interest of the company or are acting incorrectly, for example taking bribes, wasting money, abusing their professional position for personal gain, perhaps even committing criminal acts, please help us when you report it. The focal points of the internal reporting office for whistleblowers are corruption and economic crimes, serious violations of compliance (compliance violations) and violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Before submitting your report, please familiarize yourself with the "Frequently asked questions about whistleblower protection".

Please note that the whistleblower system of PARSA Haar- und Modeartikel GmbH is not suitable for reporting emergencies! In the event of acute danger or other situations that require immediate action, please contact the general emergency services immediately.

Frequently asked questions about whistleblower protection
Call whistleblower system
The reporting office for whistleblowers was set up on the basis of the Whistleblower Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/1937) and the German Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG).

All information will of course be treated as strictly confidential. Thank you for your support.