Making a difference

Sustainable action is a central motivation of PARSA Beauty and means satisfying current needs without limiting the possibilities of future generations.

At PARSA Beauty, we live sustainability actively. We make conscious decisions in favor of more sustainable products and take responsibility for the world of today and tomorrow, as well as for all the people we work with.

Ökologoisch tragfähig
Sozial gerecht
Wirtschaftlich effizient

Our successes speak for themselves:

  • 50% of our products are made of recycled or organic material

  • 120 tons of recycled packaging annually

  • 1,25 million FSC®-certified products sold per year

  • 76% of our primary packaging is made of FSC®-certified paper with wood from responsible forests

  • 100% climate-neutral company since 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility


Our commitment to the environment is at the heart of our business. We proudly present our sustainable product range, which reflects our love for nature and makes a positive contribution to our environment.

Sustainable products

100% plastic-free

When designing our products and packaging, we consistently focus on eliminating virgin plastic. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of plastic waste and instead rely on environmentally friendly materials.


We maximize the use of recycled materials in our products and packaging. By using recycled materials, we reduce our consumption of resources and contribute to reducing our environmental impact.


We rely on FSC®-certified wood from sustainably managed forests. With this decision we support the protection of forests and their biodiversity.


With our PARSA Beauty sustainability tree on our packaging, we make our sustainability efforts visible and transparent to you. Because together, we can make a difference and express our love of nature in every facet of our actions. Beauty and environmental protection go hand in hand - for a sustainable future worth living.